Deadly Revenge

Deadly Revenge
Book Two of the Deadly Triad Series            

Rich McConnell's past catches up with him when a sniper's bullet shatters the quiet morning... and with it, his illusion of second chance love with widowed Ada Blaine. Sweet, touching, passion and determination come together as Rich and Ada confront spine-tingling, life-threatening danger.

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"Deadly Revenge" is book two in the "Deadly Triad" series. Nancy Kay has a good eye for mystery and motivations. The mystery deepens as suspects come and go, then come back again. I had a wonderful time juggling suspects and motives trying to decide who did it and why. A very well crafted story. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The Romance Studio, Reviewer Kathy F

The second book in the series lives up to the level of writing established by the author in its predecessor. A short time ago I reviewed Book One and said: "If the rest of the books in this series are as enjoyable as this one, romance readers on any level, or of any generation, can look forwarad to an extended period of enjoyable entertainment." I feel perfectly comfortable repeating this conclusion. reviewed by John H. Manhold - August 2, 2012.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Trilogy to Try, April 8, 2012 By sweetpete 

This review is from: Deadly Triad Book Two: Deadly Revenge (Kindle Edition)
Deadly Revenge is the perfect sequel to Deadly Reflection, the first book in the Deadly Triad trilogy.Nancy adds suspense to keep you guessing and to keep the story clicking along on all cylinders. You can't go wrong with the Deadly Triad Series. 

5.0 out of 5 stars Another good read, March 24, 2012 By peggyp

I just finished the second book of the Deadly Triad and found it to be another good read. I read the first and enjoyed it too. Waiting for the third.

5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon Deadly Revenge is great romantic suspense, February 26, 2012 By annmontclair

Deadly Triad Book Two: Deadly Revenge

I have not read Nancy Kay's first book, and I didn't need to in order to understand this story--but let me tell you, I am definitely buying book 1 next! Deadly Revenge has a terrific plot, memorable characters, and an emotional tension that keeps you turning the page to find out what happens next.

You won't be disappointed!

Amazon stndglasart Reader said...

"Nancy Kay has another winner! Nancy's ability to meld a mystery and romance together completely captured my attention right from the beginning of the book."