Wine and Spirits -- Nancy Kay

Wine and Spirits

When Carena McBride's husband is killed on duty, she vows she'll never fall for another policeman, and due to a failed marriage, State Police Corporal Zac Ramsey dodges personal commitments.

But when four women who share Cara's fascination for Pennsylvania Urban Legends are brutally murdered, Zac fears Cara will be number five.

Despite Cara's vow and Zac's commitment phobia, their lives become entangled, and when Cara's innocent research triggers a killer's demented fury, Zac scrambles to keep her alive.

Also available in print at: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | A la Carte in Erie | Romolos Gift shop in Erie, and Heartland Antiques in Girard.

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A promise of Suspense! This love story takes on a growing plethora of intrigue and suspense. A fast paced thriller! If you like mysteries mixed with romance you have come to the right book.
Amazon by Vintage Reviews

Waiting for a new book from Nancy kay is definitely worthwhile. The mystery and intrigue will keep the reader turning the pages and the romance is exciting, unpredictable and sexy.
Amazon by Stormer

Great book - Great Author! I love all of Nancy Kay's books. She is a great lady. A great author! Can't wait for more.
Amazon by Darla Harris