Sweet Deception -- Nancy Kay

Sweet Deception

Ten years ago their lives took separate paths. Delilah sought a career in New York City; Kevin entered the state police academy, but when Delilah Wyeth inherits Cocoa Treats Chocolate, danger trails the cool city advertising exec back to their hometown and draws State Police Corporal Kevin McClain into her unraveling life. Will Delilah return to New York City and face an uncertain future, or stay and convince Corporal McClain he deserves more in life than a badge and a gun?

Also available in print at: A la Carte in Erie | Romolos Gift shop in Erie, and Heartland Antiques in Girard.

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Once more Nancy Kay has produced a most entertaining modern romance/mystery/thriller but in a manner that includes sensual heat required in today's novels but presented in a manner that seems to more appropriately emphasize the love or romantic aspect so often missing today. Amazon review by John Manhold.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this book! Nancy Kay makes you feel like the characters and situations are real and made me feel like I was there! Suspense, romance, drama and mystery...A must read for the summer!
Amazon review by Williamson

Cleverly written - a good read! A great book once again from a great author. The plot thickens and turns with a surprising outcome. I would recommend this author and her books in a heartbeat.
Amazon review by Sari B.